Cocktails with the Kennedys

Strike a match, powder your nose, and get ready for a gas: 
it’s 1960, and it’s time for a drink.


"If not us, who? 
If not now, when?" — JFK, Jr.

Whether you take it neat, shaken, or on the rocks, we invite you to grab a glass and sink into the parlor divan with us for a Forage evening of mid-century classics.


We’ll stir our swizzle sticks on Sunday, March 10th at 5pm and Saturday, March 16th at 6pm at Estouteville, the Camelot of Albemarle County. We'll spend an hour chatting over canapés about Sputnik, Cassius Clay, and the brand-new birth control pill. After toasting Jack’s recent presidential win, we’ll follow Jackie’s lead into a seated dinner.

The cost to congregate at the ice bucket is $85 per person ($93.75 including meals & sales tax). While your first cocktail’s on us, remember to bring your bottle(s) of choice to drink with dinner.


Remember: ask not what your Forage can do for you,
but what you can do for your Forage.