“Whoever obeys the Gods, to them they particularly listen.” Homer


The Goddesses of Forage invite you to ascend to Olympus for an evening of Ancient wisdom, immortal heroes, and epic bacchanal among the golden race.

Zeus's thunderbolt strikes for one night only:

Saturday, August 17th at 6:00pm

So faster than Hermes himself, fly like the Golden Messenger to reserve your place by clicking below.


The cloudless firmament of Estouteville, palace of the divine,is where the human gods gather.

To become one with deities,
the Goddesses require an offering of $95 per person (includes sales & meals tax).
Offerings can be made online in advance or bring cash or check in person to the temple.


Once beyond The Seasons and their gate of clouds, we'll lie on golden daises, listen to Apollo's lyre,and feast on ambrosia and nectar.

Dionysus' wine shall flow as freely as the Styx we reap the bounty of Demeter's harvest.


With mighty love
& lightning --

The Forage Goddesses