Foragette is a smaller, more casual, and simplified version of a Forage Dinner Series.  We created these dinners in response to request to have more frequent gatherings.  The Forage dinner series take months to plan, craft, , test and execute.  The Foragette dinners are a chance for us to provide a delicious meal without the production of a Forage dinner.

 Unlike the traditional Forage dinners, the Foragette dinners have no theme, and decoration is extremely minimal.  Dinner is usually served family style, and the meals, while delicious, are often less elaborate than the Forage series.  Casual attire is encouraged.

The dinners are currently hosted in downtown Charlottesville at Feast, in the Main Street Market.  Like the Forage Dinner Series, invitations are sent via our email list.  

Although these dinners are less of an experience than Forage, they are still an enjoyable and delicious way to connect to a new community of people.