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Frida Kahlo's Mexico

Pigments and passion.
Love affairs and la vida pura.
Socialism and surrealism.

Under the heat of the sun, amid the sway of the palms and the twitter of tropical birds, we find ourselves at the intersection of artistic expression, nationalist pride, intellectual debate, crippling pain, complicated love, political revolution, and captivating charisma: welcome to Mexico City, 1938.

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Join us—
along with Frida, Diego, Trotsky, and a host of other friends and lovers—for a divine feast at La Casa Azul,
commonly referred to as Estouteville.

This riot of flavor and color happens only one night
on Sunday, August 19th at 5pm.

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Armed with sharp wit and quick tongues, we shall come together in the bohemian fashion of avante-garde activists, with tequila in our hands and revolution in the air.


Come embrace life and death, love and sorrow, ecstasy and pain
through the pleasure of the senses—
beginning with drinks under the summer skies at 5 o'clock, 
followed by an al fresco feast of authentic fare.

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Travel to the village of Coyoacán will cost $85 per person*. Your bill can be settled by cash or check in person, or by electronic payment in advance. 

In the intersection of fantasy and reality—nature and artifact—art and politics—desire and betrayal—identity and expression, we wait for you. We hope to see you there. 

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To secure your place beneath the parasol,
quicken your brushstrokes and click below.

Atención, por favor:
While Frida and Diego are open to relations with pescatarians or vegetarians, due to the nature of the comida they cannot accommodate vegans or non-dairy participants at this indulgent affair. Please list any other medically necessary dietary restrictions in your RSVP, and we will let you know if we can oblige.

Condensed Details

Location: Estouteville
Date & Time: Sunday, August 19 at 5pm
Price: $85/person, plus meal & sales tax ($93.75 total)*